The 7 Secrets Of Real Estate Marketing Success

It looks like every real estate professional on the planet is looking for fresh marketing ideas! At any one time we have a number of ideas and concepts in play to make sure our clients keep the edge in their local area. So I made some notes and want to share some thoughts and ideas with you that you can begin using today to attract more business.I’m continually astounded at the lack of quality marketing produced by our industry to promote real estate services.The amount of money wasted each year must be in the hundreds of millions. I notice Radio, Television, Billboard, Newspaper and Internet ads that cost a fortune but generate little or no response and this is before we consider the dismal quality of most letter drops and marketing cards.Advertising experts all agree that the power of re-stating a message is a whole lot more effective than introducing a new message at every opportunity.Notice how a new ad on TV gets played and replayed until the advertiser is sure we get the message? It’s not ten different ads in ten different spots. Corporations spend millions testing their marketing messages to make sure they work. Why don’t we just save our money and copy the giants by using a consistent response driven message?Here are the 7 Mistakes of Real Estate Marketing
They confuse the target market (I don’t know what they stand for. They just want me to list with them)

They fail (dismally) to create any connection between each message. Each ad carries a different message and the time lapse between messages is too great.

They are mostly without any design element or layout and look dreadful. Too much copy no image.

They have no definable point-of-difference or Unique Selling Proposition that sets them apart from other real estate agents.

They are too ‘busy’ and have obviously never heard of the power of white space and cram not one but two sides of the flyer. White space is our friend not our enemy.

The communication is all about the agent not the target (fatal) Remember our favourite radio station; WIIFM?

They have no call-to-action. They give me no reason to want to call them so they can ‘capture’ my details and begin a relationship.
Let’s consider what MUST happen to boost the effectiveness of communication and get a serious return on our marketing investment.Here are The 7 Secrets of Real Estate Marketing Success(They must be secrets because so few people actually do them!)1. Establish a dynamic point of difference. This is what you stand for and what you believe in. If you were a country it would be your national anthem.2. Repeat your message consistently at every opportunity. (Don’t chop and change) From your office, in your emails, your on-hold message, at your opens, on your webpage. It needs to be compelling and interesting. Create a can’t-say-no offer!3. Develop your personal marketing plan for 12 months (Printing and all advertising is cheaper if you do it bulk)4. Use a call to action at every opportunity so you can…5. Take names. A contact base is currency in real estate. Used correctly, every name on you database is worth hundreds of dollars. This will allow you to…6. Initiate ‘value contact’ with your database so when they think of real estate, they will think of you. This is top-of-mind marketing. We need to give them enough reasons to call us when they’re thinking of selling or know whom to recommend when someone asks. (Referral business is the best business)7. Develop your professional contacts as well and include them in your marketing. (Your local mortgage broker or finance professional probably has hundreds of clients who would benefit from your expertise. Why don’t you look at doing a joint venture promotion?)These 7 ‘Secrets’ actually define relationship marketing. People do business with people they know and like. We need to build a relationship with potential clients before we can expect them to call us.One final word of warning; Putting your logo on everything is not going to help. In fact, I’m convinced it will work against you. It’s not about you. It’s about them! There will be plenty of opportunity to ‘logo up’ with For Sale signs and local paper ads once you have a heap of fresh listings as a result of your dynamic lead generating campaigns.Advertisers love to tell us how we need to constantly promote our brand. They call it ‘brand awareness’ and commit us to expensive advertising by convincing us that it’s the only way to go. (Sound familiar?) Relationship marketing is a whole lot more effective and a fraction of the price which allows individual real estate salespeople as well as real estate companies to build personal marketing profiles with a very affordable investment.As you read these words, there is someone in your target market ready to list their property for sale. Have you given them enough reasons to call you?

Art Teacher Requirements – Requirements to Teach Art in the United States

The art class is considered as an introduction to the creative process. Students often find art class as an instrument for their ingenious and imaginative minds to wander off and aspire to make wonderful pieces of art. Those wanting to become art teachers need not only the knowledge of the art itself but also knowledge of different techniques like painting, drawing and sculpting, as well as the various teaching methods to suit for students of different ages and skill levels. But how does a student become a teacher him or herself? What are the Requirements to become an Art Teacher in the U.S?Most states require Art Teachers to hold a degree in Fine Arts, Art Education or equivalent. Teaching Art is not a joke nor it is an easy task. A degree in Fine Arts can hone an aspiring teacher to develop a variety of artistic skills and techniques. There a lot of universities and colleges that offer a degree in fine arts, as well as Art education programs that bridge a bachelor’s degree intro teacher training. An Art education degree usually includes courses like Theatre Arts, Visual Arts Programming, Painting, Sculpting and other creative skill courses. Teaching subjects include Teaching Art Pre K-8 and K5-12, Contemporary Issues in Art Education, Child Growth and Development, Practicum and Seminars.An Art degree is usually a four-year degree program, but there are also new five-year integrated bachelor-masters in Fine Arts available nowadays. Though five-year accelerated programs do not generally entail a teacher license, these programs include student teaching workshops and education courses which can patch a teaching career. Plus some states require their teachers to get a Master’s degree within the few years of their teaching career, and having one right always saves time, money and worry. The last step before getting an official teaching license is always an assessment test from the state education board.Some states also offer accelerated teacher certificates through compressed preparation courses that allow one to get a probationary teaching certificate. Usually, a bachelor degree is required, at least 2.5 GPA from the Art courses, completion of specific number of hours of Preparation Courses and advance hours, plus a paid teaching internship. The probationary certificate allows one to get paid while working as a teacher assistant or intern. Usually it takes 2 semesters, plus an observed teaching class. Board or district education members are usually part of the observation panel that assess one’s capability to handle a teaching class alone. If one can get passing marks on all these accelerated training requirements, an official teacher certificate can be granted without taking a graduate degree. However, this is not the usual case, requirements and processes may differ from state to state. So, always check with the state education board for the correct process and alternative pathways that can lead to Art teacher license.

Beginner in Blogging? Here’s What to Do

Those who are not so interested in writing but still want a blog now have the option called audio blogging which contains spoken posts.Generally, a blog consists of a title, body, trackback, by which your blog can be linked back to by other blogs, permanent link and comments allowing feedback.Blogs do not many extra features other than the usual few given by the hosting services. Websites have many aspects, which change from page to page. So, blogs can be made easily as there are fixed slots for all parts. With these templates, anyone can start blogging almost immediately. Hosting services usually have many templates to choose from.Most blogging websites offer their services for free so that everyone can begin a blog. The website will automatically make you a member so that you can view other blogs in the community. This allows hyper linking and commenting.While blogs started as personal commentary, they have now come to be associated with many things such as business, society, politics, sports and so on. This has made blogging an integral part of community living where everyone can voice their opinion and advertise what they want to sell – be it a product, idea or philosophy. Some blogs only provide news on the world around.Blogs have made a significant impact in many sectors, including education. They are used by professors and teachers as tutorial documents. Students can access this and learn what they have missed.Corporate heads and entrepreneurs use blogs to promote and advertise their business and products. It is a strong medium of online marketing and is especially used a lot by online businesses.However, it has been observed that people have liked personal blogs the most. These are ones usually floated by beginners and they write about their daily experiences, almost like a personal diary. The best thing about these personal accounts is that people feel interested and even reply and comment. Some people might even blog their replies and reactions so that a community dialogue works out.First-time bloggers would want to scan blog directories and read many blogs to understand what clicks and what doesn’t.Blog or weblog does not have any specific rules. The bloggers are free to say things the way they like and of course, this adds to the popularity of the medium.To get launched, start a blog on one of the many hosting service websites that you can register on for free. Also, you can choose a community you like to begin with. What are you waiting for now? Go blogging.We recommend any web traffic ebooks found on any search engine.