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How to Build the Perfect Garden In a Tiny Space

Nowadays people are finding it very hard to care for a home that has a lot of garden space. People who work all day prefer to have a small garden in their home instead of caring for a big garden, which takes up more time for maintenance. So if you’ve been looking into garden landscaping for small gardens, read on.

If you’re someone who has a small garden but wants to create the illusion of a bigger one, these landscaping ideas for gardens will help you out. To create some of the most beautiful garden landscaping for small gardens, it may be better to use a terrace or patio. Use of large and small containers for gardening will increase the beauty of the terrace and small gardens. In large containers we can place a small tree (patio trees) or a flowering shrub, and can place them at the corners. In small containers we can plant different small flowering plants and can place them around the big containers at the edges. This multi-level container arrangement will open up the space visually. Also, we can choose dark plants or trees to place in the back or around the edges of the corners of the garden, and can use plants with multi-colored leaves to place around the big trees in the corners. Plants with multi-colored leaves look so much more attractive, and add so much more life to a garden compared to plain plants.

For the plants grown in containers we have to exercise more care compared to the plants grown in open land. This is because in containers they are very limited in water and minerals. So we have to water the plants daily, and have to give them the right amounts of fertilizer in the right periods of time. While planting the plants we have to add a very good mineral soil for the containers. When you really think about it, container gardening can spawn some of the best garden ideas for small gardens. The most important thing to keep in mind if you’re planning any garden landscaping for small gardens, is to choose low growing plants with attractive leaves and flowers. If the plants grow too high then the garden will appear more closed in and unattractive.

If there’s no space in the garden available for ponds or fountains, it’s not a problem. There are different container ponds and fountains available on the market. All you need is a small pump and water availability for the container pond. You can even place a container pond on a terrace or in a small garden space in front of your home. Choosing a great design will add more beauty to your garden. If the water pond also has a fountain, then it will attract more birds and your garden will appear more exotic with all of the colorful birds around it. One safety measure you have to take while placing the water pond is to be sure it won’t harm small kids. Also, make sure your kids don’t have direct access to the container ponds.